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Moonlight #Voidstation #vaporwave


Dream Boy #Voidstation #vaporwave


This is the very first piece of Nintendo related art I made and posted, exactly one year ago. The obvious choice for the spotlight was Bowser, because he's my favorite character of all time, period. My first ideas when I started were leaning toward a very retro look, with huge Japanese aesthetics, before I started leaning more toward a pure Vaporwave look, and of course, showing my eternal love for Nintendo. I love Japan during winter, hence why I used a lot of these backgrounds when I started (during summer, funnily enough). I'm very, very proud of what I was able to produce for a year now, and that I am still constantly evolving and finding new ideas. I hope one day I can finally be done with full edits and bring you guys real, unique, hand-drawn content. Thank you so much for all your support during this year. "The Intruder" reboot, Nintendowave Vol. 1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ #cyberpunk#gameart #retroart #japan #winter #nintendo #bowser #supermario #ninstagram #Nintendowave #nintendoaesthetic #gameboy #nintendoswitch


~v a p o r w a v e~ . . . . . .#sunset #vaporwave


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